Grading Practices at BSHS

We have have been approved by the FCPS Board of Directors to implement a new grading scale for Bryan Station High School as well as the changes we are implementing to our grading practices. 

Grades at Bryan Station High School will consistently communicate what you know, understand, and can do (related to employability and academic achievement) to you and your family.
You will receive a progress report regarding your performance in the course per the following schedule each semester:
●       At 4 weeks
●       At 8 weeks
●       At 12 weeks
●       At 16 weeks
●       At 18 weeks (end of semester)
The grading scale will be as follows:
●       4 = A (Exemplary: Exceeding Expectations)
●       3 = B (Proficient: Meeting Expectations)
●       2 = C (Developing: Approaching Expectations)
●       0.1 = F (Unsuccessful: Not Meeting Expectations)
●       0 = F (No Attempt)

10 Non-Negotiables for Bryan Station High School can be found here

Employability Grading



Want to learn more?  There are several ways you can find out more info:

  • Watch this video by Rick Wormeli who does an excellent job explaining the problem with zeros in a 100 point scale:

  • More videos by Rick Wormeli...Redos, Retakes, Do-Overs,...a refresher...

Part 1:

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  • Read 15 Fixes for Broken Grades. You can find a summary here.

Click on each non-negotiable for a video, created by Mr. McMillin, to further explain the changes being made.

#1- Do not include student behaviors (effort, participation, following class rules, etc.) in grades; include only achievement.

#2- Never deduct points for student work submitted late/past the due date.  Instead provide support for the learner.

#3- Do not give extra credit and/or bonus points; seek evidence that more work has resulted in a higher level of achievement.

#4- Do not punish academic dishonesty (cheating/plagiarizing) with a zero.  Apply other consequences and reassess to determine actual level of achievement.

#5- A student’s attendance, or lack thereof, should not be reflected in his/her grade.

#6- Do not give group scores; grade individual achievement only.

#7- Do not assign grades using inappropriate or unclear standards or targets.

#8- Do not assign zeroes as a punishment or for missing work.

#9- Do not use evident from formative assessments or practice to determine grades.  Only summative assessments should determine a student's overall grade.

#10- Acknowledge that learning takes time, so always emphasize more recent student achievement and progress towards mastery and achievement.

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